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Monday Challenge 6.24.13

Ahhhh…..Monday.  A relaxing day after a very tiring Project Shine week last week.  But, still enough energy to dish up a good challenge.  Here you’ll find a collection of links intended to challenge you to both think and act.  Friday I’ll summarize and feature the article that is most read by Monday’s visitors. Enjoy, and be challenged!

Link of the Week

Here’s an article I quoted in yesterday’s sermon.  It’s a fantastic read by John McArthur about women and their place in the Bible. It takes into account views regarding women from both Biblical times and contemporary times.

Question: How does this article help you when people say the Bible suppresses women?

The Christian Faith.

1. Believers: you should have three types of relationships.

Act on this: what can you do to develop these types of relationships?

2. I’m willing to bet you won’t click on this article.  It summarizes the efforts of a Christian group near Newtown, CN to provide hope and healing in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Are you willing to do something to help this community process its grief in the coming years?

3. Marriage and freedom.  It’s an important topic and this article comes highly recommended. It does make me wonder, thought, if the side pushing for gay marriage sees the Christian view the same way this article presents their view?

Is our religious liberty at risk with the passage of such laws? If so, what should the average Christian do about it?

4. Where do you find your worth?

What false measuring sticks do we use? More, how can we practically remove them?


  1. Passed through Newtown and Boston this weekend. It’s a strange feeling to realize the tragedies that have recently touched these places. I think we need to be willing to join those around us who are experiencing grief. There are opportunities everywhere in this broken world to touch a hurting life.

  2. Thanks for the link.

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