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Monday Challenge 6.23.14 – Should you pray?, Christians and Racy Shows, Umpire Ministry

Monday.  Time to be challenged!

Link of the Week

Should Christians watch shows with blatant nudity?

Question: How distracted are you when trying to “think about what is pure”?

The Christian Faith via Desiring God

Two more articles from Desiring God. Yes, they’ve been tearing it up this week.

1. Should we pray for revival?

Question: Is your prayer a mask for disobedience?

2. Do you know how to be a good neighbor?

Question: What is your comfort level around non-Christians?

Sports and Ministry – to Umpires!

Here’s a great article about a ministry to umpires. Glad ESPN shared this!

Question: Is there a niche you could think of where ministry needs to happen?


The marriage debate is not over. Maybe it’s just gearing up.

Question: Is this kind of perspective hard to see?

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