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Monday Challenge 6.22.15 – Guest Blogger Steve Motich on Community


Good morning – It is a busy week here in Kenmore as Project Shine kicked off last night. In a little over an hour we’ll be heading out to our worksites for day one of ministry.

Steve Motich and I wrote four articles about our local community. The articles will run throughout the year in the Kenmore Connection, our local newspaper distributed four time per year to all residents. In the spirit of Monday Challenge, you can find all four articles by clicking here.

Steve offers some important words on community and our motivation to write these articles:

The idea for these articles came to me when I read a book called When Helping Hurts. The book talks about many things but one point that really stuck out to me is the idea that every community has strengths, values, and resources and that no community is a complete wasteland.

After reading this I began to wonder what, specifically, are Kenmore’s strengths? What do we as a community do very well? I talked to Kevin about this one day and from that conversation these articles were born.

As a Kenmorite, there are no shortage of people who are quick to tell you what is wrong with this area. These people come from both outside and inside the community. Often times they use the word Kenmore as byword for something negative. These articles are written as a response to those people and to show them that there are great things happening here.

Lest we forget that Kenmore has plenty of problems and issues. But we’re not starting from square one here. We’ve got a solid base and a thriving community, ready to take the next step and move forward.

These articles are also written for me, as a reminder that there are lots of great people in this community that are working hard to make it a great place. And when bad things do happen, we, as a community, are quick to rally around each other and love and support one another.

I pray that these articles will be a reminder to you as well.

From Kevin

I challenge you to read each of the articles and think in light of community wherever you live.

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