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Monday Challenge 6.20.16 – NBA, Two Words, Gender and Anxiety


One more Monday. One more opportunity for a challenge. Here we go!


Steph Curry’s mouthpiece chuck stood out. How does a believer respond after making a big public mistake?

Question: How do you respond when you sin it in a public way?

Raising Children

Two words you should say to your children: watch me. Sometimes I feel like I get this all wrong. But I do hope my kids learn certain things from me.

Question: What would you most like to change about the way your kids see you?

The Trinity

For those who love a little theology, this is worth the read. Even if you don’t, would it hurt your brain to try thinking about the Trinity?

Question: Do you shy away from trying to think about deeper things in relation to God? Why?

Gender and Anxiety

Is one gender more prone to anxiety than the other? This article says yes.

Question: What do you make of the reasons for why?

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