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Monday Challenge 6.15.15 – Tuck the Kids In, Teen Trends, Ordinary Pastor,


Good morning. Time to challenge the heart and mind. I hope that’s why you’re here. I’ll do my best to be back Friday with a feature on which article draws the most interest.

Tucking in the Kids

A mom’s honest and helpful assessment of why she prays over her kids one last time each day.

Question: How does this help you view praying for your kids?

Teen Trends

This summary show some positive trends in teen behavior such as bullying, sex, etc. It comes from Time Magazine.

Question: How much stock do you put in research?

Ordinary Pastor

This is a great 3 minute read about an ordinary pastor. This provides some great insight on the Christian life at the end of life.

Question: When your strength is gone, what will your faith look like?

Giving Conflict Counsel

Do you give conflict counsel? Then do this one thing to increase your chances of giving good counsel.

Question: Do you see why the author (and the Bible) is giving against unbalanced counsel?

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