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Monday Challenge 6.13.16 – Orlando, Less Division, Consistent Moral Values


It’s Monday morning yet again!

Three challenging topics today, four articles. Here you go:


Can we publicly unite in grief? Great thoughts here. If you don’t think we can, challenge yourself by asking why.

Question: Do you conduct yourself in a way toward public good and unity?

Less Division in Politics

In the wake of the worst shooting tragedy in U.S. history, immediate fighting began on social media. I posted this article a while ago, but I challenge you to read it and share it today in light of recent events.

Question: Do you have relationships outside your camp or comfort zone?

Consistent Public Morals?

You might not think so. I’ll admit I’m not an expert on polls, but both the poll data and an article offering commentary show some consistency in public morality, at least in recent years.

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