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Monday Challenge 6.10.13

It’s Monday.  Here are nine articles to make you think. Is life different because we believe in Jesus? Use these articles (even one or two) as a chance to think about where faith meets action.  The most clicked article from this post will be featured on Friday with some deeper commentary.  Enjoy.  Think.  And, as always, be challenged!

Link of the Week

The demands of discipleship are thorough and deep; they don’t linger on the surface.

This article really highlights the new emphasis I desire with this blog.  Being the first new “Monday Challenge” post, this article is a natural “Link of the Week”.  Several thoughts provided by the author should serve as challenging action points.

The Christian Faith

1. Ever think of Psalm 1 as a mirror?

If you’re inclined, get out your Bible, read this short Psalm, and question your decision making. Ask yourself: Whose counsel do I seek?

2. Do you laugh? Ever?

These are great thoughts that offer a simple challenge.  We should probably laugh more. (Appropriately, of course)

3. Read this and think about what you are doing with your money.

As part of this article there are 11 challenges to give.  How might your giving be described?

4. Ken Ham is always worth the read.  I love the way this guy sticks up for the value of Biblical Creation.

Challenge: are you willing to stand up for the faith or for your principles when someone is saying something false?

5. Another one from AIG.  This is a fantastic way to answer the question: if you believe the Bible, why don’t you kill your rebellious son?  Some put the question like this: why don’t you eat what the OT law says you’re supposed to eat? This article has a very helpful answer.

Are you ready to answer questions like this in an intelligent manner, rather than out of emotion?

6. Men: here are 25 ways you can be servant leaders.

Men – which one challenges you the most? For me, #14 is the most difficult.  I’m more spontaneous with fun things, but I understand they need to be planned also.

7. Here’s a story from missionaries in Asia. We have it so easy. This challenges me to be more grateful. It is also a call to be less afraid.

8. Here’s one way a young child evangelized.  Adults, would we do this? If not this specifically, would we do anything like it?

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