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Monday Challenge 6.1.15



June! Pretty cold here in Akron, but it’s June. Ready for a challenge? I hope so. Check out the articles below and I’ll see you Friday with a feature on the one clicked the most.

Abuse Victims

How sensitive would you and/or your church be in this specific situation?

Question: Do you feel naive to realities victims may face? How does this article help?

Avoiding Church

Some good advice for when your heart isn’t in it.

Question: Is avoiding church going to change your life and heart for the better? (good challenge from the article itself)

What Your Missionaries Aren’t Telling You

I found this fascinating. Missionaries are people, not superheroes.

Question: How can you build better relationships with your church’s missionaries?

Thank God

You’re not entitled to the sun coming out today (or tomorrow for that matter).

Question: How easy is it to forget gratefulness?

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