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Monday Challenge 5.4.15 – Persecution, Heroin, Why Not Gay Marriage?


Happy Monday! I really can’t think of a better day to challenge my mind. Maybe Monday is a day you can use some focus and something to think about as well. Here goes. I’ll have a feature on Friday of the article that gets the most clicks.


It is worth listening to this radio broadcast. Even if you get through part of it, you’ll have your perspective challenged.

Thanks to the Voice of the Martyrs for this encouragement and information.

Question: What most encouraged or challenged you in listening to this broadcast?


This article published recently in the Akron Beacon Journal provided a lot of food for thought regarding the heroin epidemic.

Question: What do you think average citizens should do in response to the widespread use of heroin?

Why Not Gay Marriage?

Why not gay marriage? Kevin DeYoung has written a helpful response to that question.

Question: Do the differences in definitions of marriage outlined in this article mean anything to you?

Penetrating the Heart

Paul Tripp has a way of doing just that. In this article he asks who you’d rather have judged than forgiven. He makes a strong Biblical connection that makes this worth the read.

Question: Why does judgment come more naturally to us than forgiveness?


  1. About Paul Tripp’s article on judgement and forgiveness, I had a friend during highschool and a few years after who was very toxic to those around him and he treated me very poorly, cheating to win at games and laughing at me for not catching him. He was also always trying to break up other friendships. For many years, he was the one unforgivable person in my life even though I have not seen him in over 30 years. But since coming to Christ almost 2 years ago and experiencing His amazing Grace and Forgiveness first hand, I have finally been able to forgive Gary. It’s a very freeing feeling now that I don’t have that anger weighing down my soul!

    • Great example Ken. This article got to me as sometimes I find it too easy to be harsh on people. Forgiveness is a freeing thing!

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