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Monday Challenge 5.30.16 – Letters With A Mosque, Church and Mental Illness, Special Needs


Good morning! Another Monday, and a holiday at that. Enjoy the day off while remembering those who gave their lives.

Do you have some extra time? Up for a challenge, yes? Here you go! Stop back Friday for a feature on the article which gets the most clicks.

Letters With A Mosque

This article details a Christian pastor’s relationship with the leader of a Muslim congregation next door to their church. Lots of insight. Be challenged!

Question: What do you find most helpful?

The Church and Mental Illness

Does the church provide a place where those struggling mentally can safely struggle? Good question.

Question: Why are churches sometimes “not” great places to struggle?

How to Honor Your Parents As An Adult

Great advice here.

Question: Starting this week, which specific challenge can you improve on the most?

Special Needs: Grieve and Receive

The title says it all. The illustration in the beginning of this article connected a lot of dots for me. I hope you find it helpful as well.

Question: What challenges you most about special needs, whether directly affected of looking to support?

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