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Monday Challenge 5.26.14 – Parenting, Anger, Churches

A little bit later in the evening, but a quick challenge nonetheless.

Here are four articles to make you think.


15 ways to exasperate your children (hint: you DON’T want to do these things)

Question: Of these 15, where are you most in need of God’s grace?

Here are some thoughts on exposing kids to culture vs. sheltering them from it.

Question: What percent offense do you play vs. defense, according to this article? What are the biggest challenges ?


Treating anger as sin and digging for its root can be very helpful. Good challenges here.

Question: When was the last time you analyzed your anger?


This author argues churches should drop the “us vs. them” mentality. Definitely worth the read as you think about your approach to living as a Christian.

Question: What did this article help you confront in your life as you approach church?

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