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Monday Challenge 5.23.16 – Not an Atheist, Women Teaching in Church, Foreclosure


Challenge – this one has nothing to do with losing weight, budgeting, or reading the Bible in a month.

Challenge – a collection of articles I found interesting. I am sharing them with you!

Monday Challenge – posted on Monday (silly).

Not An Atheist

Some basic thoughts, well presented, from a trusted source.

Question: How would you answer the question: “Why are you NOT an atheist?”

Women Teaching in Church

An article worth thinking through. She doesn’t claim to have all the answers, and draws a great analogy for those who seek a rigid system of how to handle this issue.

Question: Do you more agree or disagree with her approach? More importantly, why?

Plan for Porn

This plan to deal with porn lacks flash and creativity. I like that.

Question: Anything you’d add? Anything surprise you?

A Church Family in Foreclosure

What a challenging article. Transparency, love, Christ, Church, difficulty, provision, hope. Yup, this one has it all!

Question: How would YOU react?



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