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Monday Challenge 5.22.17 – Child Sexual Sin, Tech Wise Family, Love Your Idealogical Enemy

Sin, redemption, God’s pleasure in our salvation, real community: great topics for a blah Monday morning.

Responding to Your Child’s Sexual Sin

This article helps parents with some insight for responding to their child’s sexual sin.

Question: What would you add?

Tech-Wise Family

It may take some time to listen to the podcast, but I’ll post it here as a possible resource to parents.

Question: what is the relationship between technology and community?

Life: Spiraling Upward or Downward?

Great challenge, short article. Let this make you think.

Question: Which direction does our pleasure move our lives? Up (to God) or down (to worthless focus on ourselves)?

Loving Your Idealogical Enemy

This is huge. Let me say it again. This is huge. This well-written article challenges our view of living in light of Christ – especially when it comes to those with whom we disagree.



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