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Monday Challenge 5.2.16 – Transgender Facts, Questioning Science, Middle Class Shame


Yay Monday! Okay, you may not feel too much like “yay” but Monday doesn’t really care 🙂

These articles promise to work the brain cells. No doubt about that. I’ll be back Friday featuring the one today’s readers click most!

Transgender Facts

Are you willing to consider the facts (the very difficult facts) behind the development of transgender surgery?

Question: Well?

Middle Class Secret Shame

The secret shame of the middle class.

Question: How do you plan to pay for your next emergency?

Questioning Science

This article talks about why science’s unreliability often remains hidden.

Question: How does this article change the way you hear scientific results?

Solid Leaders

Great characteristics of leaders, including some unbelievers. If you lead, how do you want your legacy to look?

Question: Shepherd, or wolf?


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