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Monday Challenge 5.19.14 – Evangelism, Leadership, We Don’t Need Our Stuff

Good Monday to you. Whenever you are reading this, it’s my prayer that you will find something you read here challenging. Enjoy!

Link of the Week

10 Characteristics of great leaders.  As a leader, I’m interested in these sorts of things.

Question: Would you disagree with any of these, or add others?

The Christian Faith

1. How can Christians show love to homosexuals? Good short video here. Have a look.

Question: What prevents you from doing this?

2. Interesting that these two were fired from reality TV, simply for their beliefs.

Question: Would you risk your job (or a job) for your beliefs?

3. Evangelism – what  great quote.

Question: How can you contribute to a culture of evangelism in your church?


Do you need your stuff? Consumers are saying “no” more and more.

Question: How often do you get rid of things you don’t use or need?


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