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Monday Challenge 5.18.15 – California Drought, Old Hymns, Is Christianity Dying?


Up for a challenge? Well, it’s Monday, so it’s about that time. Here goes:

California drought

Stop by this news report to inform yourself on the realities faced by California residents. Some of the pictures are haunting.

Question: Is it hard for you to care about something in a far away place that doesn’t really concern you?

Old Hymns

This article has plenty of food for thought. I’m still thinking on it. Challenge yourself and think about this perspective on singing old hymns in church.

Question: Which point do you agree or disagree with the most?

Is Christianity Dying?

Good question. It may feel like it. Maybe Christianity isn’t normal anymore, but maybe that’s a good thing too?

Question: How normal have you expected Christianity to be?

Online Presence vs. Resumes?

Will your online presence replace your resume? This article says yes it will. Interesting.

Question: If true, what kind of “resume” are you building?

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