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Monday Challenge 5.16.16 – The Idol of Motherhood, Pastors and Adultery, More on Transgender


With the speed of change in culture roughly equal to the speed of sound, thinking through the issues always proves beneficial.

I post articles that challenge me to think. I hope these will challenge you as well.


Two articles on parenting this week:

  1. Is motherhood (or parenting in general) an idol? This article shows how idolizing motherhood can turn a blessing into a burden.
  2. Most parents face the issue of screen time. This article asks some good questions and makes some good clarifications.

Questions: How can you be sure to count parenting a blessing? How can you think through screen time in your home? Is there a better term?

Pastors and Adultery

This article from CT reports a survey showing most pastors don’t think adultery disqualifies them from the pulpit. No other way to say it: this topic is tough!

Question: If you could re-write the headline based on your wishes, would you? How?

More on Transgender

This topic may not rank as “favorite”, but avoiding it really doesn’t help much either. Here’s another article to help you think. This one features the opinion of a Johns Hopkins psychiatrist.

Question: How can you talk with love about the difference between fact and feeling?


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