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Monday Challenge 5.12.14 – Mother’s Day, Teens and Screens, Your Age and Church

Here’s the Monday round-up of everything I found interesting last week. On Friday, I’ll do an extended post featuring the article that got the most clicks. Click away, enjoy, and as always . . . be challenged!

Link of the Week

Here are some quick thoughts about how to detach teens from their screens.

Question: Which are you most likely to implement? Any you are already using?

The Christian Faith

1. MOTHER’S DAY: Some thoughts from Mother’s Day. And, some good ones at that. First, secrets mothers know. It’s worth clicking on this just to see the name of the blog. Second, how about an interview with a Christian mother?

Question: In these articles, what made you think or laugh the most?

2. GRACE: Enjoy these four suggestions for how to find grace in your failures.

Question: How hard is it to let grace do its work in your life?

3. CHURCH AND AGE: Here is a good article about midlife and what it can mean for connection in a local church.

Question: What would you put at the top of the list for addressing these concerns?

4. APOLOGETICS: How can you remember Jesus is God? Raise your H.A.N.D.S.

Question: Do you think this will help you remember it, or will you forget it in a day?

5. DEATH PENALTY: Here are some honest thoughts. I really appreciated this.

Question: How do you identify or disagree with these thoughts?

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