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Monday Challenge 5.1.17 – 13 Reasons, Parenting and Social Media, Intentional Community

Monday’s ruthless nature’s ugly head rises again. Does that provide any clues regarding how I feel about today?

Ahhh…join me in the challenge, then, of forcing your mind to think about truth.

13 Reasons Why

This article demonstrates the danger and destructiveness of this show.

Questions: Do you have effective ways of talking with youth and adults who may engage in this content? How can this article help?

Parents of the Instagram Generation

How might we as parents expose our children to the dangers of social media – as we’re raising them?

Question: How will this article change the way you approach social media usage with your kids?

Scripture Memorization – 42 Books of the Bible!

Not a typo. Yes, he memorized 42 books of the Bible.

Question: How can this encourage you?

Intentional Community

How can you create a culture of hospitality?

Question: What does this article teach you that you can put into practice right away?


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