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Monday Challenge 4.6.15 – Religious Freedom, Hear God, Cold Case Killers


Good morning. The celebration of the Resurrection has passed. Hopefully our excitement over what Jesus has done will never fade.

Are you up for a challenge? I guess if you’re reading this you’ve at least stumbled by for some reason. Here goes! As usual, I’ll be back Friday with the link that drew the most interest.

Religious Freedom

This link has seven articles about the controversy over religious freedom laws. I haven’t read each the articles found on this site, but if nothing else check these articles out to know what is going on with religious liberty in our country.

Question: Name one specific point you read in these articles you could converse about with someone.

Hear God

Make sure you hear God!

Question: Is judgment real to you? Are you willing to listen to God?

Cold Case Killer

This article is fascinating. It compares our desire to hide sin to cold case killers who have committed a crime a long time ago and have successfully buried it, appearing to live “normal” lives.

Question: Does this scare you? Does it scare you more about others or yourself?

The Resurrection and Evangelism

This good piece helps us see evangelism in light of the truth of the resurrection.

Question: What is the role of confidence related to how willing we are to evangelize?

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