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Monday Challenge 4.4.16 – Trump and Abortion, Phones and Time, Hopeless Marriage?


I try not to post much filler on Mondays. These articles do usually give me a good challenge. The same is true today – enjoy!

Hopeless Marriage?

This article gives a great look at the possibilities when you feel your marriage has arrived at “hopeless”.

Question: How does this article challenge situations you deem “without hope”?

Trump and Abortion

We all know Trump’s draw has a lot a do with his mouth. This articles does a good job of discerning the things Trump said recently regarding abortion.

Question: Is it important to know what people don’t know?

Pray for Your Church

Pretty simple here: 18 ways to pray for your church.

Question: Any of the eighteen speak to you or challenge you? Why?

Dumb Phones and Purchasing Time

This article really challenged me. I encourage you to have a look. No, I don’t think buying dumb phones is the only spiritual thing to do. But as believers, we should consider the concepts this author covers.

Question: Can you “purchase” time? How?

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