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Monday Challenge 4.28.14 – Jesus Renews Cities, Don’t Stop at the Disney Sign

As usual, Monday for me is sharing what I read. I like to see different takes on various topics, and I like to share those articles with others. On Friday I’ll feature the article that generates the most interest from this list. Enjoy, and as always, be challenged.

Link of the Week

Jesus still renews cities.

Question: If you’re not a pastor, how can you be a part of something like this?

Christian Faith

1. A quick theological piece, but good. Did you know Jesus lived for you?

Question: Is Jesus’ death or life easier to think about?

2. Identity: Don’t stop at the Disney sign. Intriguing thoughts about where we get significance.

Question: What is the #1 temptation in your life that seeks to lead you away from God for satisfaction?

3. Which should you pray for: healing or miracles? Good thought here.

Question: Does the answer surprise you? How does it shape how you think?


1. Can you carry on a conversation? A teacher shares struggles with students in this area.

Question: What practical steps can you take to be a part of helping others in this area?

2. An area group is a part of blessing motorcycles. Something I’d never think of, but really a good thought.

Question: Anyone you’d think to bless?

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