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Monday Challenge 4.25.16 – Dementia, Bare Worship, Small Church Pastors


Another Monday! Maybe you think I should lose the exclamation point. I understand if you feel that way. It is, after all, Monday.

I have felt like my blog has been a bit disjointed over the past couple of months. I’ve invested a lot of time outside normal pastor responsibilities to pursuits involving other organizations, school work, blah blah blah…I know you don’t care. My hope is this week will resemble a regular week.

I hope you find these articles challenging. And yes, the highest clicked link WILL be featured on Friday. I promise!


This article will help you learn about dementia. The article has a very personal slant to it.

Question: What did you learn from reading this?

Bare Worship

A large conference of pastors with only a piano and 8000+ voices? Sounds like a bare stage to me.  I found These comments from the worship leader helpful. And challenging.

Question: How did this article challenge your views of congregational singing?

Small Church Pastors

I guess I qualify as a small church pastor. So, this challenged the way I think. Maybe it will help you think  about the uniqueness of small churches. And no, I don’t agree with everything in here. Read it!

Question: What do you agree or disagree with in this article?

Eyes for the Lonely

Great piece here challenging our view of people we come across.

Question: Are God’s eyes your eyes?


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