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Monday Challenge 4.18.16 – Fixing Politics, Religious Liberty, Porch Preaching


The first day of the work and school week is here once again. Relentless. Good thing Monday brings the opportunity for some good reading.


If you only read one article this week, read this one about how to fix politics. This states many things I’ve tossed around in my mind a little more clearly than they have ever been thought in my head!

Question: Could you do what this article suggests?

The Media and Religious Liberty. 

Does the media attack religious liberty? This author suggests some ways he thinks it happens.

Question: Is this real, or just dreamt up in someone’s mind?

Christian Books by Suburban Pastors.

This article doesn’t stand against the concept. It simply suggests discernment of context when it comes to application.

Question: How does your context affect the way you interpret the Bible, and Christian books which challenge its application to our lives?

Money and Pilgrim Mentality

When it comes to money, do you have a pilgrim mentality? Good question.

Question: How would you define “pilgrim mentality”. Further, how would you evaluate whether you have it or not?

Bold Approach to JW’s

This article describes a bold approach to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Question: What positives and negatives exist in this approach?

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