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Monday Challenge 4.10.17 – When You’re Wronged, Don’t Parent Snowflakes, Easter Week

Good Monday morning. At our house today marks my wife Julie’s birthday. Woohoo!

Take some time to think through what you’ll read here today. Some challenging stuff for sure.

When You’re Wronged

This article will challenge anyone suffering from an injustice beyond their control.

Question: How does God’s mercy speak to injustice?

Don’t Parent Snowflakes

This should make us think about our definitions of bullying and challenge us to think about the emotional health and stability of our kids.

Question: How might our definitions of bullying affect the emotional health of kids?

Become Less

What a title: “The Grace of Becoming Less”.

Question: How do you evaluate “contentment”?

Easter Week in Real Time

I found this early this morning.  Hopefully it will help you understand the events of Holy Week.

Question: Where does knowledge such as this meet practice in daily life?

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