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Monday Challenge 3.7.16 – Are You Judgmental?, Pray for Your Husband, Kids and Politics


It’s Monday yet again. Hopefully sixty degree temps (so the forecast says) will spice it up for you.

I also hope a challenge will spice it up. Read. Enjoy. Think. Grow. Change. Be challenged!

Live a More Interesting Life

This article details 81 ways to do just that. No, I didn’t read and ponder each one. But they at least provoke some thought.

Question: Would you attempt one of these challenges by next week?

Are You Judgmental?

Are you judgmental? This author admits judging an entire school with one glance at a bumper sticker! But his reflections really bring a good challenge.

Question: To what extent does this type of judgmental thinking affect you at this point in your life?

How to Pray for Your Husband

See here five ways to pray for your husband. I’m not going to turn this challenge around for men readers. I’m going to leave this one for the ladies since I think that best reflects the author’s intent.

Question: Ladies, which do you lack most?

Kids and Politics

How do you parent in this day and age of politics? This article will help those who may struggle with concerns over what your children observe in all the banter.

Question: Is eternity the best place to focus in these discussions?


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