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Monday Challenge 3.6.17 – Creation Basics, Feminism, Marriage Health

I had a pretty busy Monday morning, so how about an afternoon Monday challenge? (or, really whenever you read this is fine with me…just be challenged!)


Basic things you should know if you’re a creationist. This comes from a young earth slant.

Question: Do you have good talking points should the topic come up with people who don’t believe or don’t know what God’s Word says?


This article challenges how feminism downplays godly aspects of womanhood.

Question: How did this article challenge or sharpen your thinking about women’s perspectives?

Christians and Transgender

This article resonates with much of what I’ve thought on the topic. Our approach must display balance!

Question: How can you consistently stand for truth without alienating people?

Marriage, Conversation, and Sex

A good article for couples to read together.

Question: What improvements can you make?

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