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Monday Challenge 3.3.14 – Ending Slavery, Role of Fathers, Others . . .

I always look forward to sharing what is challenging me. Take some time to think through a couple articles and what the mean for you. Thanks for reading!

Link of the Week

Here are two practical steps you can take to end slavery.

Question: Did the 2nd mean more to you than the ordinary appeal?

The Christian Faith

1. Good article here on the role of fathers. It’s NOT impossible for children to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

Question: Does this challenge how you see the role of the father?

2. Here is a great article about security – ALL types of security.

Question: What barriers prevent you from experiencing this security?

3. I loved this summary of the way God does things in the Old Testament. Very short and easy to read.

Question: How easy is it for us to believe we can redeem ourselves?

World News

1. If you’re not much into news, read this. I think it’s good to know a few things going on in the world and how to pray.

Question: Does prayer feel like “action” enough to you in response to a situation like this?


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