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Monday Challenge 3.28.16 – Public School Teachers, The Real Cuba, How to Confront


Good morning,

Another Sunday down means another Monday! This week’s articles will definitely challenge your thinking. Enjoy!

Christian Public School Teachers

This article does a great job of showing what public school teacher can actually talk about regarding faith in the classroom.

Question: In your opinion, what lines should teachers NOT cross in displaying their faith?

The Real Cuba

Don’t let the feel good tour, the president’s trip, or a neat baseball game opportunity cloud the realities of Cuba. Read this take from a well known sports writer.

Question: How does this teach the important to read more than what you see on T.V.?

Heaven and Diversity

If you don’t like diversity, you won’t like heaven. Good thoughts.

Question: How does the gospel link toward the end challenge your thinking?


This article speaks primarily to leaders, but gives good advice for all of us.

Question: How can this help you confront someone, should the need arise?

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