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Monday Challenge 3.24.14 – Sin Is Stupid, Good Parenting Helps, Religious Freedom

March is a five Monday month, so one more Monday post after this.  This month for me is actually feeling long. Maybe it’s the weather. Who knows?

Regardless, I’m excited to share what I’ve been reading. As usual, scan through the links and . . . BE CHALLENGED!

Link of the Week

Lesbian sex, HIV, Esau, and Christ. What an article title, right? John Piper shares some excellent thoughts about how stupid sin really is.

Question: How does this article speak to the folly of your sin and your joy in Christ?


Here are two helpful articles. I love it when people challenge the way I view parenting.

1. This article challenges parents to just let go (of things they can’t control).

Question: Well, does this challenge you to let go of anything?

2. Do you have a plan to talk to your kids about sex? This should provoke some good thinking.

Question: What are the consequences of brushing these conversations under the rug?

Christian Faith

1. An argument for God – from the cosmos. It’s cosmology, not cosmetology (for those of you looking for a chuckle). Seriously, this is very helpful.

Question: What spoke to you the most?

2. Here is a blog featuring a video about why people are dis-satisfied with Islam.

Question: If you follow Christ, how often do you think about or engage with other religions?

3. Why Joel Osteen is dangerous: He makes Scripture say what he wants it to say.

Question: Is it worth all the positive affirmations in his preaching if this sort of stuff comes along with it?

Religious Freedom

Here is a great summary of the Hobby Lobby case going before the Supreme Court this week. Believers in the U.S. should be familiar with this case. It’s super important.

Question: Do you care about religious freedom? What consequences are there if people are forced to pay for things that violate their beliefs?


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