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Monday Challenge 3.23.15 – Education Myths, Advice for Young Men, Repairing Relationships


It’s Monday yet again. Maybe you’re a bit less tired than I am, maybe you’re more tired. Have a great Monday. I hope the following challenges are a part of it.

Educational Myths

This article made me think about education – I hope it makes you think.

Question: Which point do agree or disagree with the most?

Guarding and Repairing Relationships

This article will make you think about relationships. How can you guard them and/or repair them?

Question: Number three is most challenging to me. What about you?

Marriage – NOT self fulfillment.

Marriage is NOT self fulfillment, says this author. Then what is it?

Question: Would this article help you explain the nature marriage to someone else?

Advice for Young Men

Here are five pieces of advice for young men. Even if you’re not a young man, maybe this article will help you see life through their eyes for a little bit.

Question: I liked #4. Which of these spoke to you?


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