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Monday Challenge 3.21.16 – The Resurrection, Repent, Emotions In Church


Good morning. Monday. Whatever your reaction to that word, get yourself going with a bit of a challenge. I enjoy sharing what I read. These articles will hopefully give you plenty to challenge your mind.

The Resurrection

This article details three simple facts backing the truth of history’s most important event.

Question: Could you help someone understand the truth of the resurrection with some simple talking points? Does this article help with that?


The goal of following Jesus lies in repenting. Repenting prevents believers from the label of Christian in name only. Have you repented?

Question: Which of the statements challenged you most? Did repentance come about?

Restaurant Generosity

This article outlines six ways to display generosity at a restaurant. It’s not all about the money.

Question: Which can you try the next time you eat out?

Worship and Emotions

I’m still thinking this one through. Read it for yourself.

Question: What did you learn about emotions through reading this?

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