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Monday Challenge 3.20.17 – Gospel Communication, The Shack, Faith In Our Culture

Good Monday morning. Yes! Good!

And…hopefully that will include some challenging articles. Think!

Text, Tweet, Gospel

Technology and device-based communication bring many challenges to faith. This article addresses them in a thoughtful and challenging way.

Question: Which suggestion can you implement right away? Which would make the most drastic improvement to your approach?

Jesus and Rest

Even toward the end of his life and earthly mission, Jesus made time to rest. Challenging indeed.

Question: How important is rest in your routine?

The Benedict Option

Never heard of it? Don’t worry. I hadn’t either. But “The Benedict Option” represents a new option for believers in a decaying culture. This article provides good analysis.

Question: How can you plan to live intentionally now in view of likely future decline?

What The Shack Teaches

The author of The Shack has a non-fiction book out discussing his views about God. It is helpful (and sad) to read what he truly believes about God.

Question: How important to you is theology?

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