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Monday Challenge 3.2.15 – Young Earth, Obama’s Lie, Happy Life, Praying Against Enemies


It’s March. And boy has it arrived like a lion!

Not sure if these challenges will hit you like lion or lamb, but it’s time for Monday Challenge.

Link of the Week – a Happy Life

This article summarizes an upcoming book. I’m excited to read it. These Biblical formulas for a happy life will certainly challenge you. Have a read!

Question: Which of the ten challenged your thinking the most?

Obama’s Lie

Why the lie President Obama told during the campaign undermines the types of government we had. I’m not pretending other politicians don’t lie. What made me think was the impact those campaign lies have on the process.

Question: How does this article change the way you think bout campaigns?

Young Earth

This article outlines good reasons to think the earth is young.

Question: How significant is the age of the earth to your view of God and His Word?

Praying Against Enemies?

Should we pray against our enemies? Some good thoughts here on a relevant topic.

Question: Do you agree with this author’s premise? Why or why not?


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