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Monday Challenge 3.17.14 – Comparing Churches, Borrowing Money From Family

Happy Monday. I guess I’m pretty lame staying here all day and not going out in the St. Patty’s Day Frenzy.  Be challenged as you read through this week’s links.

Link of the Week

Here are six negatives that come from comparing churches. This article REALLY challenged me. So, I made it the link of the week. Hey, it’s my blog and I can do what I want!

Question: Do any of these reveal sinful tendencies in your heart?

Christian Faith

1. If you think you’re busy, you actually have all the time you need. Very good article.

Question: What makes you busy?

2. Should you ever borrow money from family? This article says “no” and gives some good reasons. I’m still chewing on this.

Question: Have you ever borrowed from family? Would this article change the decision in the future?

3. The “one anothers” in Scripture. Here is a great info graphic.

Question: Do you benefit from visual pictures such as this?

4. GREAT ANSWERS here to some common objections to Christianity. Very well written and well worth the read.

Questions: Which do you encounter the most? What answer helped the most?

5. Would you do something if someone was murdered in your neighborhood? These people didn’t and it teaches a great lesson.

Question: Challenged? How?

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