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Monday Challenge 3.16.15 – Blaming the Church, Ministering to the Suffering, Legalism, Realistic Heaven


I hope you are having an awesome Monday. Have a look at some articles I recently found challenging. It’s my joy to share what I read and I hope it helps you too.

I’ll be back Friday (I promise this week) with a Feature article on the link that is most clicked out of these four.

Blaming the Church

This article challenges us to avoid blaming the church for five things.

Question: Where do you most need to take responsibility for your attitude?

Ministerting to the Suffering

Here’s what NOT to say, and some suggestions on what to say.

Question: Which suggestion can you most put into effect right away?


Legalism is marked (at least) by these four things. These summaries proved helpful for me.

Question: Which of these errors do you tend toward the most?


What can we realistically (Biblically) expect in heaven? This article gives some good insight into a deep topic.

Question: Which point is most helpful to you as you shape your thinking about eternity?

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