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Monday Challenge 3.14.16 – Speed Limit, Multitasking, Train A Child

speed limit

Good morning! If you’re anything like me, a bit of fog from the time change lingers in your eyes this morning. Well, prop those eyes up and get ready for a challenge!

Speed Limit

I don’t often think about the speed limit. I especially don’t think “worship” when I pass a speed limit sign.  These thoughts put a perspective on it we may not often think on our own.

Question: How does this help you think of the speed limit in a different way?

Multitasking = Bad

I didn’t need another guilt trip. I’m sure you don’t either. But this article detailing multitasking’s hazards also provides a healthy alternative for improving our focus.

Question: How can you implement the suggestion given in this article?

Church And The Little Things

I appreciate those who do the little things. This article highlights them well and will make you think about how your church operates.

Question: Will you thank one of the people at your church who does “the little things”?

How To Train Up A Child

This article discusses some various aspects of, well, how to train up a child, covering ground between definition and practicality.

Question: What, if anything, helped your perspective on parenting?


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