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Monday Challenge 3.10.14 – Challenging Your Kids, Aging Pastors and Churches

It is my joy to share some articles that have challenged me over the past week. Be challenged.

Link of the Week

There are times parents should challenge their kids. This article made me think about when those times should be. It’s a specific example that will help you think.

Question: Would you have challenged in this specific way?

Theology and Ministry

1. Fishing: is it part of our ministry model? This describes the benefits of fishing (like Jesus taught).

Question: How much do you fish?

2. I’m still struggling with this, so welcome to my struggle. What if grace isn’t enough?

Question: Well . . . is it?


Here’s a great article about aging pastors, and how they can respond to their churches.

Question: If you tend toward the negative, how did the positive challenge you in this article?

Politics and Religious Freedom

Here’s a piece comparing religious freedom laws (which would allow business owners to deny certain types of business) to Jim Crow laws from decades ago. This article shows why IT’S NOT THE SAME. Would this be the same type of thing? It does beg the question.

Question: Do people have the freedom to deny certain types of business?


Here’s a good article showing good leadership – from the San Antonio Spurs of all places!

Question: What did you learn here?



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