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Monday Challenge 2.9.15 – 50 Shades, Sexual Identity, No Time to Pray, Trust the Bible?


Good Monday morning to you. It’s a new week, so a challenge must be in order. Several articles to share. Here we go!

Link of the Week

“The Girl In The Tuxedo” is a great challenge by Jean Lloyd about sexual identity. I encourage you to read this if you have time to read nothing else.

Question: Why do you think this “option” to approach this “struggle” is diminished?

No Time to Pray?

I really resonated with the struggles described in this article by Jonathan Parnell. Parents especially should read this.

Question: If not this specific scenario, what gets in your way?

Scaring Yourself

Do you scare yourself? Paul Tripp asks a good question about our view of our sin as we think about Psalm 51. Be challenged!

Question: Do you think about your sin and God’s grace enough?

Trusting the Bible

Why should we trust the Bible? Some bits and pieces from Trevin Wax responding to Newsweek’s recent article claiming we shouldn’t.

Question: How does this help your perspective on the Bible’s trustworthiness?

50 Shades of Trash

Here are a couple articles I shared last Friday.

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