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Monday Challenge 2.5.18 – Mass Black Incarceration, OT Death Penalty, No More Missionaries?

Good morning!

Not so good? A little tired? How about a few challenging links…and even one about the Super Bowl!

Mass Black Incarceration

This article points to a larger conversation regarding race. Do I have it all figured out? Hardly. Will you attempt to wrestle with the concept?

Question: How does this article challenge the way you view incarceration?

Old Testament Death Penalty?

Ever wonder if the Israelites killed people for breaking the various laws in the Old Testament which called for the death penalty? I have. Maybe this article will help?

Question: How does this help you think about God’s grace?

Stop Sending Missionaries?

This perspective from a missionary on the field speaks to an important issue: maturity.

Question: How does this challenge your thinking about missions?

The Super Bowl

I found this article about the Super Bowl very interesting.

Questions: Do you think about your life at this level of strategy, planning, etc? Does it correlate? Why or why not?


  1. the link to Old Testament Death Penalty is wrong, it goes to the Mass Black Incarceration article again.

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