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Monday Challenge 2.3.14 – myth of super bowl trafficking, baseball is better than football.

First Monday of February – here we go. Be challenged. As usual, on Friday I’ll feature the article that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

Is sex trafficking at the Super Bowl a myth? Read for yourself.

Question: Is this a fair presentation of the evidence? How do you evaluate? If it’s right, what starts the rumor in the first place?

The Christian Faith

1. What a great lesson from a 95 year old.

Question: What is your complaining threshold?

2. Denny Burk writes on this topic: If he were honest about abortion, President Obama would say this.

Question: If anger is compared to murder by Jesus in the Bible, what about indifference?

3. An article by Kevin DeYoung suggesting what Christians should do with the homosexuality debate.

Question: What can you identify with in the author’s logic? What if the issue was something else?

4. When it comes to church size, remember these five things.

Question: Where does church size rank as you think about your church’s effectiveness? Does this article challenge anything specific?


Why it’s better than football.

Question: Have you always believe football had better competitive balance?

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