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Monday Challenge 2.27.17 – Digital Detox, Teens and Love, Election Stress

Good Monday morning!

No? Good Monday challenge. For sure. Enjoy!

Digital Detox

Check out this jam packed article – lots of resources regarding digital detox. Don’t know what that means? Find out and evaluate the issue as it relates to you!

Question: When and why should you take a break from digital stuff?

Teens and Love

How do teens learn about love? Great question. This article will make you think.

Question: How can you challenge younger people in your life to think about love?


What a great challenge to us to seek courage in finding Jesus. Fear = not an option!

Question: What fears bog you down? Why do you think that is?

Election Stress

David Murray with a second article this week. I know, a little biased, but such good stuff. Check out this one one stresses from economics to the election.

Question: What stresses you the most? Which of the verses in this article speaks most to your stress?

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