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Monday Challenge 2.24.14 – A Leader’s Panic Attacks, Passion of the Christ 10 Years Later

It’s the last time I’ll be doing this on a Monday in February 2014.  Isn’t that nuts? Some very intriguing articles today. Be challenged!

Links of the Week – Fear and Panic

A Christian leader is open and honest about panic attacks. Good challenge.

Here’s another article I found this week (maybe God is saying something?) about how to cast your anxiety on Christ.

If you’re a rocker, you could always do this.

Questions: How would you respond if you struggled with something like this, especially in a leadership position? What role does God’s grace have as you evaluate this honesty? Is it too easy to judge?

Passion of the Christ – 10 Years Later

Tim Challies asks: Did we just write a bunch of checks to Mel Gibson?

Question: Does our conviction about Scripture matter?


Here’s an article outlining nine things you need to know about marriage in America. I thought the ninth was fascinating, but it shouldn’t be read that those without that background can’t make it.

Question: Do you take it as a challenge that it takes more work in areas with less education, wealth, and strong family background to make marriage work?

Loneliness and Death

Can loneliness lead to an early death?

Question: Do we need another reason to be active in visiting our seniors, sick, and shut-ins?



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