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Monday Challenge – 2.17.14 – Thinking About the Bible Is Hard

Happy Monday. Hopefully everyone’s Valentine’s Day weekend was safe and full of love for others.  Time to challenge your hearts and minds I hope!

Link of the Week

If you do anything with today’s post, take 7 minutes and listen to this clip about the Bible. It’s John Piper’s response to being too intellectual. Listen, I think he’s too intellectual at times! But his reply is good and challenging.

Question: Do you give up when thinking is too hard?

The Christian Faith

1. When you are challenged in your faith, do you panic?

Question: How can you develop a comfort level for being challenged in what you believe?

2. Here is a great piece on emotional survival. Yes, ministry is hard. It is very emotionally taxing and I encourage anyone in ministry to read this one.

Question: If you’ve been ministering over the long haul, is this easy to miss? Is it more difficult to admit?

3. Family devotions in real life. This may be an area where a lot of people feel like failures (I’m included!). It’s good to hear someone else’s approach.

Question: Did your family do devotions? If so, how did it help shape your life?

Teens and Parenting Teens

1. __ in 25 teens has attempted suicide. (click link to find out answer)

Question: Would you have guessed this high? Or, low? If you’re an adult, do emotional problems of teens mean anything to you?

2. This is a challenging article about how to guide teens to appropriate levels of responsibility and decision making. Not sure I’ll do it entirely this way, but it made me think!

Question: For those who have been there (or for those approaching), what do you think of the 17.5 idea?

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