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Monday Challenge 2.16.15 – Teaching Kids Theology, To Deny Hell, Teen Texting, The Crusades,


Happy Monday. Appliances may be 30% off, but you’ll get my regular blog this fine Monday.

How about four current topics to make you think?

Teaching Kids Theology

When should you teach your kids theology? This article gives three great guidelines.

Question: Is this too simplistic? Or do these guidelines really help as parents?

To Deny Hell

Tim Challies writes what we’d have to deny in order to deny the reality of hell.

Question: Why do people NOT believe in hell? (This is NOT a rhetorical question, do some thinking!)

Teen Texting

I’m sharing this article not because it’s a great article. I think it’s an example of a pretty confusing article with not a lot of information. It’s about teen texting terms.

Question: Do you think this article should have detailed a bit more information to support some of its premises?

The Crusades

President Obama made a reference to the Crusades and got everyone all upset. Kevin DeYoung provided a basic primer about the Crusades.

Question: What did you learn from this article that you didn’t know before?


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