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Monday Challenge 2.12.18 – NFL History Memo, Screen Time and Race, Nepal Religious Freedom

Good Monday morning! I share articles every Monday which I found interesting. Doesn’t always mean I agree, just sharing a challenge. Hence the name…Monday Challenge!

Enjoy. As much as you can on Monday.

Observations on the NFL and Negro Players

This story highlights a memo written in the 1960’s. It gives an insight into the way the league was thinking quite a while ago.

Question: How does this historical document color (no pun intended) the way you see the present?

Nepal Religious Freedom

…or the lack thereof. This piece details the difficulties presented by new laws.

Question: How important to you is an understanding of global issues facing believers?

Screen Time and Race?

Take a few minutes for a challenging read. What happens when schools promote screens as progress and parents don’t know how to or don’t care to manage them with their children?

Question: How much do you know about poverty and how do you think about stories like this?

The News

How the news destroys wisdom and understanding.

Question: Of what worth is the “news” you consume?


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