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Monday Challenge 12.9.13 – Atheists & The Bible, Media Lies

I like to post challenging things on Monday. For me it makes me think and re-orient after Sunday, which is almost always an exhausting day. I hope you’re challenged by these articles.  Have a look – I’ll be back Friday with a feature on the link that draws the most interest.

Link of the Week

Are pastors real?

Question: In what ways do you look at your pastor that aren’t fair to either of you?

Christian Faith

1. What is wrong with the prosperity gospel?

Question: Why is it important to see God in all parts of life, rather than just success?

2. Why do atheists care so much about the Bible?

Question: How can an article like this help you have an intelligent and loving conversation with an atheist, should the opportunity arise?

3. Nine lies the media tells about Christians.

Question: How important is it to you to let the Bible and your actions define you, rather than the media?

4. Christmas brings destruction.

Question: How much do you struggle to think about God during this time of year?


Here are three marks of righteous anger.

Question: By what are you most specifically challenged in this article?

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