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Monday Challenge 12.7.15 – Pastors’ Christmas Struggles, Missions Testimony, Prayer Shaming


The first Monday has arrived. Hopefully the weekend brought rest, worship, and fulfillment.

As I usually do on Mondays, I hope sharing these articles will provide challenge and food for thought.

Pastors Struggling at Christmas

Do pastors struggle at Christmas time? Thom Rainer says “yes” and explores some reasons why.

Question: How can you encourage your church leadership during this especially stressful season?

God Wants to Hear His People

A lot in this article is open to interpretation, but the concept merits consideration. Which marks congregational worship more: participation or performance?

Question: How does the historical perspective offered here help shape what you experience in congregational worship each weekend?

Missions – Is It Worth It?

What a great testimony about missions!

Question: How does this encourage you to keep going?

Prayer Shaming

Some were accused of shallow sentiments in offering prayers for the victims of the most recent mass shooting. Russell Moore shares what we lose when we “prayer shame”.

Question: Does the rush to form an opinion prevent us from thinking critically?

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