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Monday Challenge 12.5.16 – Higher Education White Supremacy, Sex Industry Ministry, Small Churches


Happy Monday! Riiiiiiiiiight.

This week’s articles contain quite the variety of topics. Enjoy. Be challenged!

White Supremacy in Higher Education

Or, better yet, how to end it. I share this due to the challenge to my thinking. I’m not sure about all of it, but a lot of it really made me think.

Question: You may have an easy time saying where you don’t agree. Where DO you agree?

Sex Industry Ministry

This one really challenged me as well. Much to think about here as you read about ministry to strippers and dancers.

Question: How do you challenge repentance and continue to show love? These types of spots make that challenge incredibly difficult.

Sunday for Kids

Good challenges for making the most of Sundays with kids.

Question: Instead of bearing the burden to do ALL of this, what one thing could you do?

Small Churches

Three assumptions and five realities about small churches. 90% of churches have less than 200 people. Wow.

Question: What did you learn in this that helped your thinking?


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