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Monday Challenge 12.21.15 – Not the Same God, Christmas Cards, Christmas Church Attendance


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It’s Christmas week. If you have the time to glance at social media, maybe you’ll get something out of today’s challenge. Enjoy!

NOT The Same God

Wheaton suspended a professor for saying Muslims and Christians worship the same God. This article presents a summary of why the two groups do NOT worship the same God.

Question: Why did Wheaton make the right decision? What do you make of the fact that some students attending there defended the professor and criticized the administration?

Christmas Cards

This article is a re-tread from last year. It drew a LOT of interest throughout the year, so I’ll re-post it again for your thoughts.

Question: Is this a stretch, or is there something to it?

Christmas and Church Attendance

This article details church attendance and the outlook of those who don’t (or might) attend.

Question: Would you consider inviting someone to attend church with you this week?

What Is A Refugee

This infographic helps us think through the nuts and bolts of refugees.

Question: What did you learn?


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